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I'm very sorry to say that Sue  and I  are no longer running Petts Woodstock.

Kieron Jarrold had reclaimed the event and it was subsequently cancelled. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the people that supported the event over the six years since we have been organising the festival (2014-2019). It’s been hard work but we have had a lot of fun.

The crew have been absolutely amazing, and have worked very hard to put it all together year after year. The bands have also been fabulous, and like the PWS crew, have given their time freely to make it happen. 

We’d like to thank the Petts Wood War Memorial Hall staff and trustees for their support – we have a very good working relationship with them all - it’s been such a pleasure working together.

We are very proud that with everyone's help we have raised over £80,000 for our charities over the last six years. 

If anyone has any queries, you can email me at 

Love and smiles


But the great news is that we are bringing you our new festival - Petts Wood Calling - in 2021. Please see the home page for details. 

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